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SSD PURE SOLUTION is the number one supplier of SSD Chemical Solution which is a deinking solution. We are specialized in the cleaning of defaced banknotes or money that was dyed by banks in the case of a robbery.

The process of cleaning defaced banknotes is called deinking and the key to our success is the high quality SSD Chemical Solution. We are different from other money cleaning companies in that we use enzymatic deinking process to clean your money. If you are having issues with cleaning your blackened money and need SSD Chemical solution, do not hesitate to contact us.Read more

Interviews with robbery suspects determined that money, in contact with exploding dye packs, when washed, will leave the money worn, weathered, and with an earthy color tone. With our enzymatic deinking process we are able to clean this money without it losing it’s quality .click to contact

Traditional cleaning of defaced banknotes involves the use of large quantities of chemicals. Not only is this chemical expensive, it causes pollution to the environment and very harmful when it comes in contact with the skin. Environmental friendly technology that exploits enzymes (biological molecules) potential has been the focus of many researches that look for lower operational cost and minimal environmental impact in cleaning black money.

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If you have black money or money that was dyed during a bank robbery and are having a hard time cleaning it then contact us. We have the new enzymatic SSD Chemical solution that cleans defaced banknotes while maintaining quality. The new enzymatic SSD Chemical solution improves the cleaning results without affecting the physical properties of the money.

We sell SSD Chemical solution online and will also help to clean your black money for a percentage. The process is not an easy one and cannot be done by just anybody.

The price per bottle of the SSD Chemical Solution still remains the same but because we now use enzymatic deinking technique, we need a smaller amount to clean your black money.

We are all about making money and so will assist you in anyway we can.

Send inquiries today if you are looking to buy SSD Chemical solution to clean defaced banknotes.